About Zero Cards

zero cards
Zero Cards is a part of ADW Group. Our motto at ADW Group is to make common man’s life easy. Via Zero cards we help common man to find his / her pocket friendly Zero Zone with discounts and offers to stay or dine. Zhero has to just pay a very nominal amount for a year full of offers and can avail the discounts and offers 365 days from the day of purchase of Zero Card.

You spend Zero time in reserving a room or table by directly contacting the Zero Zones. We thrive to fetch you best discounts in Zero Zones near you. You can contact our card holder service centre 24 x 7 and are ready to help you on your queries.
What do we do?
We promote Zero Discount Cards, with which you can avail deals, offers and discounts provided by Zero Partners called as Zero Zones in different Zones.

What’s the price?
The Zero Discount Card is priced at Rs. 500 + 18% taxes (Rs.590/- net) and can be used to avail the deals, discounts and offers provided by Zero Zones

How can I buy one?
You can just reach out to Zhero Registration link, provide the required details, pay Rs. 590/- and that’s it. You get a temporary Zero Card number assigned to you and you’re a Zhero now, start saving!

How long can I use it?
You can use the Zero Card, for more than 300 days. From your subsequent renewal you can use it for 365 days as we have scheduled the renewals in January, April, July and October of every year (The cards are valid till the month end of January or April or July or October). For example you buy a card on 25th November your first card will be valid till 31st October next year.

When will I get my Zero Card printed?
We normally take 4-5 working days to dispatch your printed Zero Card to your address mentioned while registering yourself.

Deals / Discounts / Offers?
All deals on Zero Cards are fully free* while you hold a Zero Card. All you need to do is just flash the deal in the website at the outlet or hotel along with your Zero Card. Realtime Deals - Hotels / Food & Beverage Outlets around you post deals on Zero Cards from time-to-time.

Two Step Redemption Process!
Step 1 : Find a deal you like
Step 2 : Go to the outlet / hotel and show the deal on your phone (website) to the manager to redeem it! That’s all you need to do to redeem the deal! Simple as that! Pay at the venue.
You can also do the following: Call the hotel reservations / manager or write to them to reserve a table or room. Pay at the venue. Straight forward, simple and free*. The way it should be!

The staff at the hotel / outlet are clueless about the deal. What next?
Shit! We’re so sorry if this happened. Ring us up ANYTIME and we’ll have it sorted instantly

Support / Queries?
We’re available throughout for any assistance, if needed call via 044 42129575 or write to us at enquiry@ilikezero.in P.S: If you think there’s a catch, there is nothing such. Try it to find out for yourself! Enjoy the deals and start counting the money you’re saving!